Care Management

Gateway HealthSM believes in wellness and preventive health.  The more you know about how to stay healthy, the better.

As a Gateway HealthSM member, you have access to health and wellness programs as part of your medical coverage.  Whether you're trying to get healthy, stay healthy or live with chronic illness, Gateway gives you the tools to improve your overall health and well-being.


Available for Medicare Assured DiamondSM and Medicare Assured RubySM , Medicare Assured ChoiceSM and Medicare Assured PrimeSM Members

Living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can be overwhelming.  Gateway Health wants to help!  If you are at least 21 years of age and are living with COPD, you may benefit from joining our Gateway to Lifestyle ManagementSM COPD program.

A Case Manager can help you to learn how to manage your symptoms so that you can be more active and enjoy life.  A Care Manager can help with the following:

  • Teach you about your lung disease
  • Provide you with mailed educational materials about your condition
  • Answer questions to help you manage your lung disease
  • Provide community service referrals

You may receive newsletters with COPD related articles as well as telephone calls with tips to help you manage your condition. Lean More

Heart Disease/Cardiac

Available for all Medicare AssuredSM Members

Gateway also has a Life Style Management Program to help members who have heart problems.  If you are a Gateway member age 21 or older who has congestive heart failure, had a heart attack, had stents put into your heart, or had heart bypass surgery, please talk with a Case Manager about our Heart Disease/Cardiac Program. 

In this program, Case Managers can call you and help you understand how best to take care of your heart.  They can talk about how to eat healthy, be physically active and take medicines the right way.  They can help you recognize the warning signs that mean you may be headed for more trouble with your heart. Learn More


Available for all Medicare AssuredSM Members

Diabetes is a sneaky disease.  It can cause problems for your heart, eyes, kidneys and circulation even though you feel OK.  Diabetes causes heart disease, blindness and kidney problems that could put you on dialysis.  It can also cause circulation problems that could require amputation of your toes, feet or legs.

Case Managers in the Diabetes Program can call you and help you understand diabetes.  They can teach you what symptoms to look for to prevent complications from diabetes.  They can explain how simple blood and urine tests can catch problems even before you may know you have a problem.  They can help you make appointments to have these tests done once every year. Learn More

Mom Matters®

Available for all Medicare AssuredSM Members

Gateway also has a Life Style Management Program for pregnant members.  This Program is called MOM Matters®.  The Program gives you education and support about how to have a healthy pregnancy.  Case Managers can call you and answer questions about your pregnancy.  They will talk about signs of a normal pregnancy.  They can also make referrals to community services.  If needed, they can arrange for a nurse to visit you in your home before or after your baby is born.  They can mail you information about pregnancy and baby care.

To learn more about these programs:

  • Pennsylvania members call 1-800-685-5209

  • Ohio members call 1-888-447-4505

  • Kentucky members call  1-855-847-6380

  • North Carolina members call 1-855-847-6430

Gateway HealthSM offers HMO plans with a Medicare Contract. Some Gateway Health plans have a contract with Medicaid in the states where they are offered.  Enrollment in these plans depends on contract renewal. The benefit information provided is a brief summary, not a complete description of benefits. For more information, contact the plan. These plans are available to anyone with Medicare and Medicaid.